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About Traditional Art / Student Katy (some weeb on the net)15/Female/United States Groups :icongame-fanart-tickling: Game-FanArt-Tickling
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D.Va's Belly Button Game
*D.Va was sitting on her couch, expecting some company to arrive at her door*
D.Va: *Sigh* When will she arrive...
*D.Va looked at the clock in back of her*
D.Va: Ugh she's late!
*Just when D.Va uttered those words, there was a knock at the door*
D.Va: Oh she's finally here! Gotta get myself ready!
*D.Va got to her door and opened it*
Tracer: Hiya D.Va!
D.Va: Oh you're finally here, now we can finally get started!
Tracer: Whatever you say! 
*Tracer walked in with her signature smile as D.Va shut the door behind her*
Tracer: Um... So D.Va, why exactly did you bring me over in the first place?
D.Va: Well Tracer, there's something I always wanted to do with you...
Tracer: Well waddya waiting for? Spit it out!
D.Va: Um *blushes* hehehe I can't believe I came this far to finally play this game with you...
Tracer: What do you mea- EEK!!
*Just then, D.Va tackled Tracer and was holding her down*
D.Va: Wow you're a struggler! Looks like I need to restrain you!
*D.Va threw Tracer on her cou
:iconhotkaty:HotKaty 23 5
(HTF) Lammy Tickled by HotKaty (HTF) Lammy Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 2 0
Sombra Tickle Tortures D.Va!
It was another great day in the battlefield... Well not for D.Va at least, her Meka fuel was running low and she needed a Med kit stat
*D.Va put her hand up to her cheek and nodded*
D.Va: well it seems I need to fuel up the old mech... With med kits for some reason.
*D.Va suddenly saw a blue radiating light coming from a tunnel up north*
D.Va: Bingo! *giggles*
*as she was flying to the tunnel, her fuel levels were getting lower and lower*
D.Va: c'mon already!
*she sneered*
*When D.Va finally got to the tunnel she noticed something, the med kit couldn't be picked up, it was hacked by someone*
D.Va: wait a second... Hacked? Are you freaking kidding me?! Hackers are noobs!!
???: *chuckles* ya know hackers aren't all that bad!
*D.Va ejected from her mech*
D.Va: who the hell said that?
*Sombra uncloaks*
Sombra: Hey there you precious little brat!
D.Va: Oh... It's you! I should've known!
*D.Va pulled out her light gun*
D.Va: How 'bout you say your last words you pug!
Sombra: How 'bout you st
:iconhotkaty:HotKaty 34 5
Im an edgy muddafugga by HotKaty Im an edgy muddafugga :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 1 86 Ballora's Sensitivity Test by HotKaty Ballora's Sensitivity Test :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 8 3 *BATIM* Alice Angel Tickled by HotKaty
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*BATIM* Alice Angel Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 6 2
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HotKaty's Profile Picture
Katy (some weeb on the net)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
So um, my last bio was pretty cringey, so here's a new abridged version of it! Enjoy mah bois (oh wowee, another update)

Hello, my name is Katy and welcome to my DeviantArt
I have a tickling fetish, I am also a total weeaboo nerd weirdo, yeah, i'm weird (I own a freaking D.Va body pillow, isn't that enough proof?)
Speaking of D.Va, yes, I am Infact in love with D.Va from Overwatch, I never saw such a cute girl in my whole life ^^ (for christs sake she better be canonically ticklish or I swear to god i'll write angry messages to blizzard)
I also do RPs, so please ask me if you wanna do one
Stuff I RP:


Happy Tree Friends

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Kill La Kill


Five Nights at Freddy's

One more thing, I do art trades and requests from time to time
So if you're interested, please send me a note

So hope ya enjoy my profile

Favorite inspirational quotes

"Now what are you gonna do with batteries? Play it at the f*cking beach?"

"Ohhh noooo"
-Disco Bear

"Shut it! I've got my reasons for fighting like that, you dick!"
-Ryuko Matoi

-Homber Sweatson

"NO, I dun wan dat!"
-Hungry Pumkin

"GUESS WHO IT IS? Guess again! WRONG! It's stomedy!"


Stuff i'll draw/write
Belly/navel worship
Joke art (yup)

Stuff I won't draw/write
Weight gain/morbidly obese
Foot fetish (unless if you count foot tickling but I don't count it)
TFs (transformations)
Macro/microphilia (giant or giantess)
Gore and bloodshed
Farting (oh god not that)
Scat or piss (Jesus Christ the cringe)
Bubblegum blowing
Gas masks
Rubber flesh
Flame retardant suits
Drowning in peril
Male tickling
Male belly/navel worship
Male spanking
Male bondage
Characters in the 4 previously mentioned fetishes who are under the age of 16 (this rule will most likely change to an older age once I get older)
Hate pictures

Stuff I need to make clear:
I have 0 attraction towards males and for good reasons

I am in love with D.Va, I don't care if y'all think it's weird, and I am fully aware she's a fictional character

I am a lesbian, deal with it

I don't allow anybody to tickle me or my persona in an RP

I only truly get frustrated when somebody spams me

I am not a rapid Fangirl

I rarely ever get angry (I avoid that emotion as much as possible)

just cuz I am a tad bit young does not mean I can't have fetishes

More stuff TBA

Youtube:… (I am not active on there very often)

Skype: Katy Nutkiss


Happy Tree Friends Wiki:…


:iconnavel-lover: :icontherealmrvendetta: :iconeggmanohnoesplz: :iconastropolarbear: :iconflippyseatbeltplz: :iconyordlelol: :iconthequickestkek: :iconfnaflover496: :icondeblasio7: :iconthemungle: :iconcin-harrow: :icontheanonyman: :icondemontracker117: :iconenkermkn001: :iconzander2001: :iconofficialmamabiliah:


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