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About Traditional Art / Student Katy Nutkiss14/Female/United States Groups :icongame-fanart-tickling: Game-FanArt-Tickling
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D.Va Tickle Tortured Again by HotKaty D.Va Tickle Tortured Again :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 5 0 I'm Flaky X3 by HotKaty I'm Flaky X3 :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 2 6 Gene from The Emoji Movie by HotKaty Gene from The Emoji Movie :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 3 2
D.Va's Belly Button Game
*D.Va was sitting on her couch, expecting some company to arrive at her door*
D.Va: *Sigh* When will she arrive...
*D.Va looked at the clock in back of her*
D.Va: Ugh she's late!
*Just when D.Va uttered those words, there was a knock at the door*
D.Va: Oh she's finally here! Gotta get myself ready!
*D.Va got to her door and opened it*
Tracer: Hiya D.Va!
D.Va: Oh you're finally here, now we can finally get started!
Tracer: Whatever you say! 
*Tracer walked in with her signature smile as D.Va shut the door behind her*
Tracer: Um... So D.Va, why exactly did you bring me over in the first place?
D.Va: Well Tracer, there's something I always wanted to do with you...
Tracer: Well waddya waiting for? Spit it out!
D.Va: Um *blushes* hehehe I can't believe I came this far to finally play this game with you...
Tracer: What do you mea- EEK!!
*Just then, D.Va tackled Tracer and was holding her down*
D.Va: Wow you're a struggler! Looks like I need to restrain you!
*D.Va threw Tracer on her cou
:iconhotkaty:HotKaty 13 2
(HTF) Lammy Tickled by HotKaty (HTF) Lammy Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 2 0
Sombra Tickle Tortures D.Va!
It was another great day in the battlefield... Well not for D.Va at least, her Meka fuel was running low and she needed a Med kit stat
*D.Va put her hand up to her cheek and nodded*
D.Va: well it seems I need to fuel up the old mech... With med kits for some reason.
*D.Va suddenly saw a blue radiating light coming from a tunnel up north*
D.Va: Bingo! *giggles*
*as she was flying to the tunnel, her fuel levels were getting lower and lower*
D.Va: c'mon already!
*she sneered*
*When D.Va finally got to the tunnel she noticed something, the med kit couldn't be picked up, it was hacked by someone*
D.Va: wait a second... Hacked? Are you freaking kidding me?! Hackers are noobs!!
???: *chuckles* ya know hackers aren't all that bad!
*D.Va ejected from her mech*
D.Va: who the hell said that?
*Sombra uncloaks*
Sombra: Hey there you precious little brat!
D.Va: Oh... It's you! I should've known!
*D.Va pulled out her light gun*
D.Va: How 'bout you say your last words you pug!
Sombra: How 'bout you st
:iconhotkaty:HotKaty 27 5
Im an edgy muddafugga by HotKaty Im an edgy muddafugga :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 2 86 Ballora's Sensitivity Test by HotKaty Ballora's Sensitivity Test :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 8 3 *BATIM* Alice Angel Tickled by HotKaty
Mature content
*BATIM* Alice Angel Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 6 2
Ryuko Matoi Tickled in Stocks by HotKaty Ryuko Matoi Tickled in Stocks :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 10 0 D.Va Tickled in Gmod by HotKaty D.Va Tickled in Gmod :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 10 5 *Request+Birthday Gift* Mei Tickled! by HotKaty *Request+Birthday Gift* Mei Tickled! :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 6 0 *Request* Symmetra Tickled by HotKaty *Request* Symmetra Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 5 2 Rosalina Tickled by HotKaty Rosalina Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 10 0 (Undertale) Chara Tickled by HotKaty (Undertale) Chara Tickled :iconhotkaty:HotKaty 10 7
D.Va Tickle Tortured!
It was nighttime and D.Va was sound asleep... But she wasn't asleep in her bed,
when D.Va woke up she found herself restrained, her hands were tied behind her back and she was barefoot and toe-cuffed
D.Va: w-what's going on here? W-where am I?
???: Hehehe, how's it going Hana?
D.Va: What the hell? Who goes there? Show yourself!!!
The black figure moved over to a lightbulb and turned it on
Widowmaker: It's me!
D.Va: oh my god not you!!! Get me out right now!!!!!!!
Widowmaker: You're probably wondering why you're here. Well I kind of need a passcode to get into the Overwatch system and delete it's history forever!
D.Va: Well why are you asking this out of me?!
Widowmaker: because I thought of the person that would give me answers the most easily and the first person that came up in my mind was you!
D.Va: I don't know anything about what you're talking about I'm being honest!!
Widowmaker: Hmpf, we'll see about that! Because I know your biggest weakness!
D.Va: Y-you do?
Widowmaker: Tell me
:iconhotkaty:HotKaty 27 7


SOMBRA Augmented - Overwatch by Lolliedrop SOMBRA Augmented - Overwatch :iconlolliedrop:Lolliedrop 1,174 110 HTF Base 3 - Shy HTF and Flying Squirrel by Taiream4Life HTF Base 3 - Shy HTF and Flying Squirrel :icontaiream4life:Taiream4Life 7 9 Allied by wlop Allied :iconwlop:wlop 6,021 120
Autumn's bellybutton torture
Emma walked in and found her best friend Autumn tied up on her bed. She was stretched out a lot- so much that her top lifted a up a bit so her navel peaked through a bit. 
"So glad you are here, Taylor tied me up and left." Autumn said relieved to see her best friend. 
Autumn, Emma and Taylor were meant to be having a sleepover together but Taylor had to leave and had her fun with her friend Autumn. 
Emma was about to untie her when she thought better of it. She ran her hand over Autumn's lightly exposed tummy. 
"haaaaa haaa." Autumn giggled "Can you untie me pleasseee." 
"Yes, I just need to do something." Emma said
Before Autumn could reply, Emma lifted up her tank top half way above her ribs and saw that Autumn was really stretched- she was immobile. 
"What are you doing?" Autumn asked nervously
"Just having a little fun." Emma replied rather mischievously
Emma moved her hands over Autumn's tanned, smooth stomach and felt it tense underneath her hands.
:iconrandom-e-ness:random-e-ness 46 4
I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL!! !! !!!! by KozaBanana I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL!! !! !!!! :iconkozabanana:KozaBanana 98 94 Navel Play (Animated GIF) by Nezzux Navel Play (Animated GIF) :iconnezzux:Nezzux 84 9 Belly Button Fingering (Animated GIF) by Nezzux Belly Button Fingering (Animated GIF) :iconnezzux:Nezzux 82 2 Belly Button playing in the beach (Animated GIF) by Nezzux Belly Button playing in the beach (Animated GIF) :iconnezzux:Nezzux 84 5 Belly Button by Ra1-x3 Belly Button :iconra1-x3:Ra1-x3 98 42 Iori and Miko by MaikoXSekai Iori and Miko :iconmaikoxsekai:MaikoXSekai 11 10 Poke by lokita666 Poke :iconlokita666:lokita666 258 22 Choose You Weapon by lokita666 Choose You Weapon :iconlokita666:lokita666 123 52 Annie Leonhart belly button torture (english) by Kesnid Annie Leonhart belly button torture (english) :iconkesnid:Kesnid 37 3 Human JailBreak by SpiderFingers15 Human JailBreak :iconspiderfingers15:SpiderFingers15 9 0 The Emoji Movie - Ice Cream Icon by SuperMarioFan65 The Emoji Movie - Ice Cream Icon :iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 12 11 Poop Daddy from The Emoji Movie by MikeEddyAdmirer89 Poop Daddy from The Emoji Movie :iconmikeeddyadmirer89:MikeEddyAdmirer89 19 7



HotKaty's Profile Picture
Katy Nutkiss
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
So um, my last bio was pretty cringey, so here's a new abridged version of it! Enjoy mah bois

Hello, my name is Katy Nutkiss and welcome to my DeviantArt
I have a tickling fetish and a belly button fetish, but I like tickling the most
I'm in love with D.Va from Overwatch, I never saw such a cute girl in my whole life ^^
I also do RPs, so please ask me if you wanna do one
Stuff I RP:
Happy Tree Friends
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Kill La Kill
Five Nights at Freddy's
One more thing, I do art trades and requests from time to time
So if you're interested, please send me a note

So hope ya enjoy my profile


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